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so, syria... (06/06/19 19:59:44) Reply
    Anyone mind telling me how this isnt raising an international outcry?
    I mean its been "a while"...
    Why isnt there a bds movement against this?
    How come no one is waving a syrian flag demanding justice and an end to atrocities?



The genocidal mind (12/06/19 09:11:29) Reply
    We see it not only in Syria.
    IMO it originates in powerful people who have no respect for others - and who buy support from people who prefer siding with the powerful against the powerless when there is a gain from it, however little or illusory.

    How can we improve the situation? Interventions don't seem like a good idea any more because they too often make matters worse.

    The long-term (strategic) fix is a slow one. I think two lines must be run together: One on the top level where businesses are actively discouraged from supporting criminal politics - induced by political pressure from the grass roots and whatever one may summon of astroturf. The other one is the help to individuals - humanitarian and economic - in a way that does not disrupt the receivers and the donor society by inducing or aggravating corruption (both places).

    I'm sure it can be done. But only if there is a coherent strategy behind it: minds and money.

Re: The genocidal mind (10/07/19 20:15:52) Reply
    Im sorry but you missed the political part of it.
    Unfortunatly, this is what its about.
    When i say you are naive, i dont mean it in bad way or a good way. Rather neutral.
    Off to sleep. Too drunk to care anyway and i have to show up in court in the morning. Twice!
    Such bureaucracy.
    Apparently its easier to burn their house down then sueing them....

come again

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