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Words and actions: connected or disconnected? (01/12/16 19:54:46)
    With our standard breed of politicians I am used to words signalling intelligence, reflection and integrity. What I see is different.

    With Trump we hear stupidity, disrespect for truth and rudeness. If the Press is correct (and I will not go to the sources to see for myself), Trump twitters rather revolting tweets.

    Is this because he is like he present himself, or is he planning something different, but tweeting like he does to keep those who voted for him happy?

    If he wants to make America Great Again (TM), he cannot build an industrial rebuild on coal and steel and gas guzzling cars - he has to channel the US into sustainable and environmentally improved production. If he doesn't, he will in practice leave that very interesting market to industries in Europe and China. So I think he will make moves towards a green shift without admitting it to the shareholders in the dirty industries or the laid-off workers in those industries. But gradually he will be shifting his rhetoric, like he has been shifting it before. We've seen some of it in his speeches. I think he really has an ambition of going into history as a great president. Wishful thinking can do little harm.

    I said something like that when Obama came to power. I think he has disappointed me. So I'm in for a new round.

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Words and actions: connected or disconnected?