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Read this ONLY if you're from the USA (08/07/16 10:21:55) Reply
    Read this ONLY if you're from the USA

    Before they send me back to bedlam (with no access to computers),
    this is what I think of who did it:
    *) it's the f*cking witches that did Ataturk last week;
    *) it's the fucking witches that did Brussels, 9/11, and hiroshima, and every f*cking war

    It makes sense: I can see "them", so I'm crazy, so they put me in bedlam.

    To me it's easy to detect them: sometimes the be beautiful and young, other lovelly old ladies, men. There are ways to detect them.

    There are f*cking witches EVERYPLACE so it's REAL STUPID we fight among us, knowing it's ALWAYS them. Another way to detect them: the f*cking witches CAN NOT have their own ideas, therefore they ALWAYS PLAGIATE. See? Real easy to detect (i.e Cameron, Spielberg, Hollywood, the guys that did Hiroshima, Abrams, Churchill, Stalin, etc, etc...f*ucking witches all around the globe!!))

    Hope, I dont' sound too "crazy" forgot to take my Lithium pill this morning

Forgive me for ignoring your clause (17/07/16 18:38:04) Reply

    (follow the money)

come again

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