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Re: critical moments? (12/10/14 17:27:46)
    (since you've probably had something different in mind when posing your question ;)

    ok, let's suppose, no, let's even take it for a fact that the author of the book in question really had something completely different in mind writing this artwork, after all it's him himself who probably should know better (than any of his interpreters or later adaptations)....

    yet, and probably it wouldn't be the first time in history at all, for somebody to, by modifying the existent work of an artist, in fact creates a completely new piece of art.

    (if you get me. just don't take me wrong here please)

    and it's not just me.
    it's croce, i think, who says something along the lines of "to translate (read reconstruct, here) with artistic skill, is to create a new work of art."

    like a hairdresser, whenever touching that hair they (hopefully :) can make a new piece of art, or like a painter...

    after all (croce again, i suppose), "what matters is not what the poet (read book writer) proposes or believes to make, but only what he has actually made."

    ideas are plenty
    and cheep anyway :)

    (and btw,no, still haven't read it myself, but may will)


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Re: critical moments?