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Just an observation (31/05/14 18:11:22) Reply
    Did you notice, too, that it's getting harder and harder to find something with Google lately, or is that just me?

    Not that we really need or want it, anyway they seem to be exerting more rigid restrictions on some, specially "copyrighted" material.
    They may either be obeying to drm, may be working at their own discretion, in cahoots with the authors or something else.

    Whatever the case, one may once again resort to some alternatives like, say, free trials offered by some usenet providers
    (there are still at least couple of these, I believe :)
an observer

lazier google (31/05/14 22:30:50) Reply
    i confirm this impression. to me it could be a consequence of some algorithms being disabled (after snowden revelations?) and maybe being only made available to selected users, or in selected sites.

    it can also be that, in preparation of selling a "powersearch" service, they are "dumbing it down" gradually so that the paid service will appear to be significantly better.

    i had some long queries (with quoted sentences) that gave very accurate results and now are not working anymore. also simple quoted "name surname" seraches are not so effective like in the past.

    it can also be that reduced effectiveness is due to heavy spam. i recently found babbling pages full of well structured nonsense that were indeed containing my search terms


Re: Just an observation (01/06/14 12:06:08) Reply
    I'd just wanted to try to clear it up, probably over again, why we, or myself particularly, want to overly go "for free" stuff that much (any drm myrmidons here? ;)

    It's not because of fracking avarice on my part at all nor is it that I am a fracking miser myself, not even by nature (it's already janglling even upon my "dirty" ears no end!)

    It's just that "we" (me) still haven't had (or want to, now anyway) any other (more normal) mechanisms of procuring these "goodies", not "yet".

    like say c.cards,

    While say that "printed" edition of something already a fifty or so years old (which "they" may probably not even heard of yet here) is not - available of course :)

    Not that we wudnt be pyrats anyway but when "we" really wanted to have it (say c.c.), a "hundred" or so years ago (gees am I that old? :) , "our beloved parties" didn't have "contracts" among them or something of that kind, or it was me who didn't have the job so no right to issue, so my guilt, or...
    never mind,
    fuck it.

    Thanks :)

    "segui il tuo corso, e lascia dir le genti"
an observer

Re: Re: Just an observation (03/06/14 08:44:56) Reply
    I agree,
    But we pirates are getting old, and our tools are now blunt.

    What was possible for an acute mind in the ol' times is not anymore feasible. Complexity far extended, and machine is not that easy to understand anymore.
    Hacking is not fascinating like it was.
    Its like radio passion: a toy for grown up nostalgic boys.

    It was great while it lasted. It was great because we were younger.
    Those times were great because we were younger.

    So our beloved free things and scripts, our once powerful disassembling, reversing and debunking tools are to become museumware.

    We still have skepticism, and thats good.


Re: Re: Re: Just an observation (03/06/14 15:46:03) Reply
    Thanks very much :)

    Still, probably "we" wouldn't be what we are if we didn't "ask", even further, our "skepticism" notwithstanding ;)

    Have you, we, tested, , thoroughly enough, that "branch" we are sitting at?
    I'm not saying that it is um "rotten", just that it could be so ;)

    Believe it or not, young is only who's
    in good health.

    (rich? whos not in debts ;)

    keep up :)

    (sorry, we know we couldv been "fine" without this :)
the observer

Re: Re: Re: Just an observation (03/06/14 16:28:01) Reply
    I don't think it's because we were younger in age or mindset.... I think maybe the effort-to-benefit ratio of such activities is different in modern times.

    At least that's what I hope, because if it is related to age, then the passion will never be the same again.

    If old tools are blunt, what's new to replace them? Or how can they be sharpened?

    Awesome thread by the way.

Awesome reasoning, too (04/06/14 18:23:59) Reply
    Like your feelings to somebody or something, now same as then.

    Although not to all without difference maybe,

    the passion may even



Changing horses (03/06/14 17:15:00) Reply
    Many of the expansive and wildly interesting topics and developments of the nineteen-seventies have now become boring. Pirsig-1 has been replaced by Pirsig-2. Concorde has been replaced (?) by Dreamliner, NASA purchases Russian rocket engines, and market manipulation rules (stock market bots, search engines, TV, mobile phones, bonus cards, product placements).

    I think it is better to shy away from visibility. Why would I want anyone to see me, when only I know whether I do good work or not, and when praise is mere flattery in search of a reward.

    So it's an idea to look at the coping strategies of those who lived in peace through tyrannies. Cooking might be one.

A thing that constantly amazes me... (03/06/14 22:58:06) Reply
    ... is how proud we are of who we are.

    This is an exquisite character of humans,
    which is built in,
    and works cross culture,
    cross country, cross time.

    we have a story behind us.
    our story. unique and only.
    our path that led to who we are,
    that built up us as we are.
    the only story we were truly living, experiencing it directly.

    we would not exchange that story with anyone else's,
    because it would be terryfing
    to transplant our memories,
    our terabytes,
    our inner colors.
    thats me. my stuff.
    my self.

    so we build some legends,
    with knights and dragons and dames,
    and pour color on our grey days sequences,
    on our dark moments and pains.
    we build our life novel.
    memories shinier than facts.

    hairs and beards get white, but the picture remain fresh.
    old tools become rusty,
    our hands get slower
    on keyboards that do not just click the same.

    we grow philosophers,
    speak about old times,
    bark at politics,
    find new interests in cooking or gardening,
    or find warm tears in old rock songs.

    our old kernel beating inside
    allows us to see
    similarities in differences
    collisions of extremes.

    that's just a part of the beauty
    of this wonderful life.



    check this song: the Story, by Brandi Carlile: http://youtu.be/P0jiALPCtH8

Re: Changing horses (04/06/14 20:00:16) Reply
    But we can't say that we do not see your point here either :)

    Specially, when we already have it in.

    Thank you :)

Stego (04/06/14 20:49:55) Reply
    I think clues about really valuable information is lying just in front of our noses. If we see really strong publishing efforts, or strong poltical consensus: what is it that the powers that be do not want us to think about or know about? If we see dumbing down of search engines - where is the economic incentive for that, and what can be done about it? Who benefits?

    So steganography isn't only about hiding text in pictures - it is about deciphering the hidden messages in the media tsunami that is specifically made to divert our attention.

    It's time for more Spinoza.

Re: Stego (09/06/14 21:18:40) Reply
    i agree,

    i call this "reading between the news". Real meaning is in what is not written.
    but "stego" is more appropriate.

    another interesting exercise is decoding media streams is try to think in advance what will be the other party reaction to every signal.

    russian invasion of crimea was an excellent example of this game.
    and history of german occupation of austria was repeated almost exactly.

    so, going this way, reality crackers become CIA analysts.

    think, die, reboot, repeat


Re: Re: Stego (17/06/14 18:52:57) Reply
    Lies: Goebbels ran his campaign claiming that Sudeten Germans were badly treated by the Czechs and chose one village. Once he met with one of the inhabitants of that same village, and he was told that the Germans were not mistreated at all. Goebbels looked at him and said: "How many people live there ?" - "About 500." - "OK. Then there are 500 people who know it. But the rest do not."

    The stego picture has a lot of sports in it. Reality TV. School massacres. So the really guilty can hide.

    Sometimes, though, someone removes the mask.



they have a job in mind for everyone (14/06/14 05:51:14) Reply
    norbert weiner wrote is all down back in 1950:


    we all only need to be work to be happy. happiness is the by-product of WORK.

    if only there was some way to AUTOMATE the masses, some way to get them all to think exactly the same thing.


    only a few will get to be lawnmowermen, that's true, but they have a lot of money and you don't. besides you'll have no fucking idea what's going on after they put the chip in and it turns off your higher reasoning and starts the SOMA flowing.


    (these google people have something very wrong inside, and it ain't their chips)


however on a second thought this may be (and sorry for that!) (05/06/14 15:10:41) Reply
    We wouldn't be what or who we are if we couldn't see the greatness of mgua's critical mind here either!
    (otherwise, this whole thread would probably serve nobody as just a mere inane personal "comfort" of a kind, something that we certainly *must* and want to avoid :)

    You too are (very) right here, mgua.

    It *is* about fracking aging, too.

    iIt's just that, imho, it's still *not* about aging "per se"

    or not our own one at least.

    I mean (always providing our own good health, like physical like mental, of course), our own "youth" or aging would be of much less concern or consideration to us or our Passion if it were not for other Precious Things we've always cared about/for but unfortunately (to say the least) may feel or experience as missing now :(

    (if you get me)


    (Ah, philosophy, to refer to your own words somewhere here :)


    All the Best ;)

aging privileges (06/06/14 22:53:18) Reply
    Aging gives you privileges too:

    You are not the first who talks,
    usually you like to be the last
    and try to wrap up and decide
    peppering with some grains of wisdom.

    You need less to hurry
    nor to work at night that much
    You take more time
    for what really matters

    Your words come slower,
    sometimes memory fails.
    Shorter sight
    is balanced by wider views

    You want simpler things
    and cleaner
    transparent designs
    working hard to remove whats not needed

    Because in the end YOU are not
    that important anymore.

    And there are many
    better causes to fight for.

    Life matters.


the masks are falling away (02/06/14 00:02:26) Reply
    results have always been edited, hot topics adulterated and diffused (de-fused too) - but you are quite correct. useful results are fewer and farther between, as censorship, security state aparats and machines limit results while exponential commercial craps pollute the top spots.

    for example, try this recent news item:



    one thing that is improving is their artificial general intelligences ability to predict what you will ask and why, as well as knowing exactly who is asking.

    after all, why rely on inefficient human informers when your own computer is the perfect snitch?

come again

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