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noticed this only now (16/10/14 17:49:33)
    I (have) had very very hard time understanding your posts, even this one...

    But she was not sure at all of who You are...

    she didn't "threaten" You. no way. no. way.

    she was just shitting *around*, out of fear, remember

    again, she didn't fucking understand almost anything!

    but police :)

    much tooo enigmatic for ... a savage like me, as you yourself should at least be aware of...

    but shes ever felt, the right person, you, would ever consider that unattended white bite to be just "between mates", just a fucking misunderstanding between...!

    Anyway, my sincere appologies to You!

    What only matters is, You as well as Your little Brother (??; Sorry, but iam really not sure about real meaning of this!!) have all the Mercy i can give!


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noticed this only now