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Re: 1979 - the land of a thousand guilts - are you talking to me? (16/10/14 01:18:56)

    One of the downsides (and one of the benefits) of being a hopeless drunk is that one never remembers what one says this day or the next...

    Let's go though - it's fun! :


    >> I will always be an Arab.

    you wrote something quite different not so long ago. but ok, you arab, me filthy zionist. nice to meet you. whatever. *shrug*.
    i fail to see how this is linked to persia/iran though.


    Sometimes I dont make sense. Don't try to understand. Just the ramblings of a drunk. But, my good friend, I do not consider you Zionist scum. I love jewish people. I have always seen you as agnostic/atheist/buddhist, so it would be difficult for me to view you as much. The trouble with you, and me, is that we never sat down and drunk a few beers together. In my old age, you are only one of about 10 people that I would ever want to do this with.

    >> And now we will never be friends.

    too bad you see it that way.
    btw, you do know that there is an open invitation for you here since way back... right?
    drop in. no ones gonna bite you. unless you ask in local arabic.
    or... go out my front door proclaiming a new caliphate ;)


    Don't take what i say too literally.

    We have always been friends. We will always be friends. Such is the beauty of our rare relationship. eh, you gotta take the smooth with teh rough, eh? eh eh.

    Didn't know about the invite. sorry.

    But, shukran. Al ham dil allah. Kis a much and alla akhbar to you. ;-)


    >> "Jm, out of the three dozen people that ever read this shit, and the three that ever understand it, why, my brother, oh why, bother?
    >> Pissing in the wind.

    your flattering me or flirting with me? *blush*
    i may be the only fool that actually didnt over analyze it but i do *feel* it every time i read it.
    analyzing fahrenheit is like doing literary analysis on moby dick, id rather chop off my own dick and eat it raw ;)
    example "spoiler" that everyone should be aware of by now: it was a pleasure to burn. == call me ishmael.
    one of ray bradburys favorites was moby dick of course.
    both opening lines are crafted to have pretty much the same impact.
    got tons of em, but you are right, why bother...



    my better half hates this song (and band). no idea why. she says that much like joy division they are "distant". i personally love them. joy division even more.
    distance evokes emotions. imo.


    Ah ah my bro loved the smashing pumpkins. You just reminded me of the time me and my strict austrian g/f came back from glastonbury. In a flat in Finsbury Park, we had teh tent set up to dry. My bro slept in it. the landlord came round- an indian fella - said - oh no, not good, you must not allow people to park in our living room in tents. He didn't realise the tent was just drying out and that my bro is a weirdo and just decided to rest there for the night.

    I hope he's going to be ok. There's me, abusing my body and my mind and my spirit and all those around me that mean anything to me. He was just starting to get big with the body building.



    kiss your better half on the cheek for me. And get her to kiss you, for me, in return.

    Because you know that when we meet up, I'm going to give you a big wet sloppy kiss right?

    People just don't love enough.

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Re: 1979 - the land of a thousand guilts - are you talking to me?