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Re: the Believer / Nobody Laughs... for Yael... (16/10/14 00:57:24)
    I was just about to say goodbye:


    but then I find a post from you, little sister.

    (Still trying to get that Cd you sent me to work, eh eh)

    So maybe I'll hang on a bit.

    I've found that over a decade of internet and forum use has amounted to nill.

    No one cares. And that is ok.

    Recently, I've been laid low. My brother has a very bad cancer. I love him like i love life itself. I would honestly, truly, give my life for his. I am scared of dying. But I would still give my life for my little brother.

    ( post modified here by me, dom, if you want to talk about that, dear Illbran, please contact me, if you lost my real-name account, please use maldoro and live.de)

    I'm sorry that i drink too much sometimes that i can't think straight or coordinate a coherent argument. My bad.

    I have so much to say, but no time to say it.

    Sweet little butterfly and sweet little Ira, I do consider you.

    Reconsider me:


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Re: the Believer / Nobody Laughs... for Yael...