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to be 17 and crazy... (08/10/14 10:16:42)
    sadly, now im just crazy.
    anyway, i would greatly appreciate if you would share some of your thoughts and/or notes on the lecture itself.
    im curious as to what end the lecture will [miss]use the book (as so many others have done before)

    as for background literature, i think people that messed with his work or interpret him more often come off as fools. (and i may be one here too)
    i think that it would be preferable to read the man himself than anything else.
    the 1979+1982 afterwords are usually in all the late editions and translations, at least in the ones i have. would love to own a crumbling first edition though.
    from wikipedia: Bradbury has supplemented the novel with various front and back matter, including a 1979 coda,[43] a 1982 afterword,[44] a 1993 foreword, and several introductions. In these he provides some commentary on the themes of the novel,[43] thoughts on the movie adaptation, and numerous personal anecdotes related to the writing and development.[citation needed]

    http://www.american-buddha.com/fahren-ray.5.htm - 1974
    http://www.american-buddha.com/fahren-ray.4.htm - 1982
    2 page introduction http://www.tor.com/stories/2009/09/fahrenheit-451-part-1?page=1&panel=1#comic

    these should be the guides by which to read the book imo. a few others out there too.

    [media fluff]

    at first they condensed the books, stripping out more and more offending passages until ultimately all that remained were footnotes, which hardly anyone read - source? ;)

    much more to say here but i would probably just rehash stuff you already know and which the man said himself quite clearly.
    i do believe however that most people focus on all the wrong parts of the book missing the overall point.
    for example (one of many) i always find that people miss the much broader point of why ray chose montag to memorize ecclesiastes.

    just to poke a little. and since its in the context of the 1979 coda, do you still call iran persia? ;)

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to be 17 and crazy...