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however on a second thought this may be (and sorry for that!) (05/06/14 15:10:41)
    We wouldn't be what or who we are if we couldn't see the greatness of mgua's critical mind here either!
    (otherwise, this whole thread would probably serve nobody as just a mere inane personal "comfort" of a kind, something that we certainly *must* and want to avoid :)

    You too are (very) right here, mgua.

    It *is* about fracking aging, too.

    iIt's just that, imho, it's still *not* about aging "per se"

    or not our own one at least.

    I mean (always providing our own good health, like physical like mental, of course), our own "youth" or aging would be of much less concern or consideration to us or our Passion if it were not for other Precious Things we've always cared about/for but unfortunately (to say the least) may feel or experience as missing now :(

    (if you get me)


    (Ah, philosophy, to refer to your own words somewhere here :)


    All the Best ;)

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however on a second thought this may be (and sorry for that!)