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Re: Just an observation (01/06/14 12:06:08)
    I'd just wanted to try to clear it up, probably over again, why we, or myself particularly, want to overly go "for free" stuff that much (any drm myrmidons here? ;)

    It's not because of fracking avarice on my part at all nor is it that I am a fracking miser myself, not even by nature (it's already janglling even upon my "dirty" ears no end!)

    It's just that "we" (me) still haven't had (or want to, now anyway) any other (more normal) mechanisms of procuring these "goodies", not "yet".

    like say c.cards,

    While say that "printed" edition of something already a fifty or so years old (which "they" may probably not even heard of yet here) is not - available of course :)

    Not that we wudnt be pyrats anyway but when "we" really wanted to have it (say c.c.), a "hundred" or so years ago (gees am I that old? :) , "our beloved parties" didn't have "contracts" among them or something of that kind, or it was me who didn't have the job so no right to issue, so my guilt, or...
    never mind,
    fuck it.

    Thanks :)

    "segui il tuo corso, e lascia dir le genti"
an observer

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Re: Just an observation