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thanks again,e :) (28/07/14 15:08:58)
    still.. ;)

    "Maybe this is some kind of late game encryption thing..."


    first (and frankly speaking) i am so fucking sorry i've ever engaged my fucking self into this.. :)
    (nothing personal!)

    not wanting to be a cunt however, to anybody here, to myself after all:

    heres how
    look at it, all
    ("once and for all", trust me ;)

    no reality - no god.


    "you" may want to keep in mind that all "our".. human.. Gods..
    (in "circumstances like these", i mean)
    are a Trifle


    on the other hand, however,


    may be
    (than our representation, than we can imagine)
    probably is :)

    couldn't be a "cunt", or something, that's all :)

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come again

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thanks again,e :)