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this time "because of" me :) (11/06/14 20:59:28)
    and sorry over again, beforehand, (probably the last time of me in this "thread" ;)

    It's not only that I just don't want to go deeper into this.. shit, myself
    it's also that I really feel
    s c i k
    of "both their worlds" :)

    "no" anger found inside whatsoever, at the moment :) (sour smiley, btw)

    I mean, we should keep



    If your main guide here is to again present to us our 'incompetence' on or something,
    we think we got the point,
    Thanks sincerely, really.

    If not,
    how about, to rephrase somebody here, engaging ourselves in cooking instead?
    or footballing e.g.

    Best regards :)

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come again

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this time "because of" me :)