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MADD (07/09/14 15:42:42) Reply
    Mothers Against Drunken Driving (www.madd.org). The name says it all.

    It will be interesting to see what the impact will be of the Russian soldier mothers protesting against the unofficial warfare in Ukraine and sons just disappearing because there is no war.
    If I remember right, there was a mother movement in Argentina demanding information about sons and husbands who just disappeared during the Videla junta.


    "While a military junta ruled Argentina from 1976 to 1983, dissent was silenced. In broad daylight or in the middle of the night dissidents were swept from their homes, and across the nation those who spoke suddenly “disappeared,” either to prison with torture or the grave. It became dangerous to socialize with those who spoke out against the military. Even the lawyers who dared to defend them were disappeared. It was clear, and later documented, that the disappearances were a deliberate strategy of the authorities, government officials, armed forces, and intelligence officers (Agosín 1993: 22-23). General Jorge Rafael Videla, who came to power in through a coup d’état that toppled Isabel Peron and remained as president from 1976-1981, took responsibility for what he called an “internal war” (BBC News 2010).

    The silence was broken by a brave group of mothers, searching for their missing children, who at first were motivated by family rather than politics. They gathered in the Plaza de Mayo in front of the presidential palace, the national cathedral, and various government ministries. At the first demonstration on 30 April 1977 only fourteen women participated but by the following year hundreds were participating. On Mother’s Day, 5 October 1977, 237 mothers included their names and identity card numbers on a half-page advertisement in the national newspaper La Prensa calling for a “the Truth” regarding the disappearance of their children.

    The Mothers of The Plaza de Mayo (who were also sometimes called “The Mothers of the Disappeared”) empowered others to speak out about human rights abuses in the country and by the early 1980s, support for the regime began to erode. "


Food (11/09/14 20:01:46) Reply
    I thought I was going to write of food and friendships and food and cardiovascular health with a strong focus of cooking and tastiness and working together for a meal. But then came the news story, which isn't really news: In .no some 25-30 percent of chicken meat contains extended spectrum beta lactamase producing bacteria - and elsewhere it is worse

    Extended spectrum beta lactamase in Gram negative bacteria means resistance against amoxicillin, ampicillin, cephalosporins - the workhorse antibiotics with high effectiveness against bacteria and little toxicity towards people. So eating poorly cooked chicken meat means that such bacteria may colonise an intestinal system unpleasantly close to you.

    So whatever you do: if you eat chicken, then cook it well. 72 degrees or more. Handle the raw meat with washable utensils and don't lick fingers.

    Nevermind. The most important precaution is the avoidance of perforating wounds to the intestine. Chicken eaters and chicken cooks: don't get stabbed.

Re: MADD (14/09/14 19:49:25) Reply
    living in a deram-world dear e?
    Every morning, when i go to work, i've to pass a basic school. i seldom survive these crazy car driving moms.

Re: Re: MADD (14/09/14 21:39:41) Reply
    Maybe they've been excluded and have joined the MPDD instead.

come again

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