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Street lights (10/10/16 18:01:19) Reply
    I have just come home from a visit to .de by car through Denmark. Hours and hours on motorways - in .de the A7, in .dk the E45 (mainly). The last stretches both ways were dark and rainy, so rather strenuous on old eyes - in .de because of all the street repairs, and in .dk because of the rather worn and poorly visible road markings.

    Our ferry landed at 2:30 AM, and then the E18 homewards.

    Nothing like home. Not because of the quality of anything, but because the entire stretch between Larvik and Oslo is lit. There is light on it in its entirety. Some stretches are even floodlit.

    So in these carbon dioxide accumulation times: It would be a worthy goal to make renewable and sustainable energy so plentiful that there is enough for all purposes - even motorway lights.

Re: Street lights (03/11/16 21:08:50) Reply
    I love both light and dark, I need them both.
    If I sleep in a semi lit enviroment, it's not real sleep, it dosen't replenish me.
    When the snow falls and makes everything so silent "and every day that quiet clay"
    it makes my bed warmer, and my dreams more precious.
    If I live in a dark enviroment, I miss the sunlight, and I curse it when it burns my skin.
    Both are real and so very true to their extremes.
    It seems strange to see me having more to say about the lack of light than the presence.

Re: Re: Street lights (04/11/16 16:50:06) Reply
    If you were living north of the Polar Circle, you would feel it strongly, I'm sure.

    I was born not too far south of the Circle, and as a child I did not think of the darkness - and I had to go to sleep too early to know about the white nights of the north.

    Now that I'm old I feel the difference a lot stronger. The white nights of summer are white enough at 60 degrees north, and the winter darkness is deep enough. But not that deep.

    Ages ago I lived at 70 degrees. There the sun never gets over the horizon during the midwinter days: there is only a red glare in the south at noon. When we were visiting parents at Christmas, it was an almost incredible relief to have sunshine at New Year's Day.

    I would not want to go back to live there. I'd be doing as the birds - migrate south to the daylight.

Re: Re: Re: Street lights (09/05/17 20:45:15) Reply
    I have been 'sud' now for almost 20 years, the ppl here _really_ complain about rain and cloud, and _really_ suffer. I miss that smug winter silence.., _it_ makes ppl more _like_ me... so in some self-centered way I want to go back.
    However, Years have past an I am no longer just one person, you could call them roots I supppose, but I will never teach them to stay still.
    Our future, if any, is beyond north and south, its closer to home... inside us.
    Perhaps we need to crave the sullen hard sleep from a more gravity ripped and frozen planet, or gode the cosmic rays from a new super sun.
    If we can have hope for all the other miracles we need, why not this simple trade.
    In a land of light, Street lights are invisible, in a land of dark, Street lights kill the star light.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Street lights (17/05/17 12:24:57) Reply
    But if you get away from the streets and into the darkness of wilderness - and in Scandinavia there's lots of it - there is plenty of aurora borealis in clear weather. Online too.

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