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Re: Oil (24/11/18 19:13:07)
    there's some interesting trends going...

    one goes "as photovoltaic+wind is that cheap, why bother inventing anything else."

    another is energy harvesting... remember those watches that self-wind-while-shaking them? now there are much smaller devices, mechanical, electro-magnetic, whatever, deployable on much larger scale

    third is energy storage... usual chemical batteries stuff is not less messy than burning oil.. apart of not being efficient enough. Hence appear all kinds of things, some new, some very old.. compressed air, Supercapacitors, "warm" superconductors, gravity-based stuff (water poweplant pumping water back in reservoir above), new chemical stuff.. https://www.forbes.com/sites/jamesconca/2016/12/13/vanadium-flow-batteries-the-energy-storage-breakthrough-weve-needed/#25892f65bde8

    lets see where this leads...
    i guess as/if energy becomes dirt-cheap, we will multiple the wasting-it-for-any-crap.. seems human nature. Same as what happened when information-exchange became zero-cost... each stupid site pumps a gigabyte of bullshit. so knowledge/information just drowned in noise.

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Re: Oil