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 (18/08/18 20:16:25)
    e: "In these days of the easily offended I wish to say something offensive - so those easily offended must stop right here." - [http://www.ebmb.de/http/mbs/board.php?sort=&num=1531985220&thread=1531985220]

    As you can see, I am forbidden from commenting.
    Far worse, you addressed only those that are "easily offended" like pterodactyls.
    You failed to address those that find a flaw with your reasoning.

    Hope you enjoyed the show and that you heard exactly what you expected to.
    After all, no reason to actually challenge your "world view"...

    When I dropped you a mail concerning my better half leaving me, you assumed something.
    In fact your assumption was dead wrong.
    Think about it...
    None of us are as smart as they pretend...

    Didn't get it? No worries, its all good...

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