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Speaking up (11/08/18 19:04:50)
    Censorship is a polymorphic beast. The classical censor is reading paper letters and deleting forbidden words. Feynman has a nice chapter on that one. Same with newspapers during WWII in both occupied territories and Goebbels' mainland.

    These days, speaking truth to power is a risky sport if done early in the career. The outspoken people are typically near the end of their careers - or retired with a non-revocable pension. So self-censorship applies.

    Even criminal activities towards innocents may be dangerous to report or speak loudly about.

    " "Predators rely on community protection to silence victims and keep them in power. Far too often, our commitment to our political party, our religious group, our sport, our college or a prominent member of our community causes us to choose to disbelieve or to turn away from the victim. Far too often, it feels easier and safer to see only what we want to see. Fear of jeopardizing some overarching political, religious, financial or other ideology — or even just losing friends or status — leads to willful (sic) ignorance of what is right in front of our own eyes, in the shape and form of innocent and vulnerable children.""

    The point is: If you speak up - expect that nobody will speak up for you and that punishment will fall heavily on you. make worst-case scenarios - and be warned that your imagination will not live up to the real world.

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Speaking up