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Bedtime stories (17/03/18 23:42:11)
    I have grandchildren and I am expecing #5 within a few weeks. So my children are from the 80s. Some of my bedtime stories were about parasites and metals - and that Herodotus story about Rampsenitus and the Thief.

    I can't say that I know how to cope with the smartphone_for_children. Filling all the time with excitement might not be a good idea. Good old-fashioned boredom could be a better initiator of creativeness and imagination and initiative. My role as a grandfather - as I have taken it - is teaching the kids reading before the picture media takes them. So I buy magnetic letters and put them on the fridge and start with the A and the E and the I from 12 months. H and K soon become popular. Not to mention Æ (AE; ä - for the non-.no-non-.dk). It is easy to find out when they get bored - so it is back to the cars or dolls or picture books or Duplo and sandbox. The intermediate goal is to make them able to read comics before they start school. I'd rather have Carl Barks take them than Snapchat.

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Bedtime stories