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communication (16/03/18 10:51:49)
    I apologize to hijack the "original" message/thread. I never get used to the structure of this kind of communication - and even real life if I talk with friends we talk about whatever comes to our mind not usually stick to something - wont you all. Also I couldn't figure any better subject while I just feel to reflect on some of the "answers".

    -d:I am afraid that the bulk of the present Internet users are either coming from the television with their viewer habits OR grown into a continuous personally interconnected existence. Both cases thinking is substituted. My youngest one either watching cartoons or chatting friends - even the online gaming platform is chosen because the built-in chat. While she probably is saved from the telly, I can just hope that she realizes the unnecessity of nonstop online presence.

    -e:Thanks for the link! Interesting to use it for sketching an AI. The thing is with an AI isn't that it could be so much faster/bigger, but that its inherently free from most of these biases, it could be focused. Probably human jealousy is the root of the fear of AI. Otherwise the wiki page should be printed out as a poster to the walls of all the schools.

    -svd:No dedication, no motivation, no focus? Dogs wouldn't do much better. Also strange how the fantastic growth of choices ruined development. The 80's the lucky children got zx81, Spectrum, C64. Very few programs/games ready. The spirit kept up into the deep nineties that if you wanted something you wrote a program or at least a script for it. Most of them grown to be programmers ( or IT professionals whatever the fuck that is ), they have a not too bad living because of that crappy little computer. My youngest uses an imac ( got it for about 50eur, kinda present from a friend - its not HER, but she can use it whenever she wants. ). Time is 95% youtube/games/friend-chat 5% homework. Nothing to develop because everything she "wants" is already there. I couldn't figure any way to get her interested in developing anything. In school IT they do turtle graphics in Smallbasic. IT teacher is not an enthusiast, but someone who is trained to teach turtle graphics in Smallbasic. Somehow the computer turned from a DO device to a consumer shit while its DO abilities are a billion times better than they were near 40 years ago. Or there was always the same proportion of actors and extras, and the computers were first sold to the actors, now all the extras buying them.

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