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QED  (16/02/18 12:26:23)
    I'm getting fascinated by data to my old age. Like youtube like/dislike proportions to each other and to views and subscriptions. So it hit me that
    while your link seems to be highly informational and according to a comment
    faithful to Feynmans book while easier to process, its got only 64k views.

    I'm afraid youtube gives a good picture of how few people out of the
    connected few billion are actually interested in seeking information to advancing
    anywhere. Versus how many who use the Internet to watch short clips of kitties.

    On the other hand it is interesting to interpret the data. A lot of that "people"
    are actually children. Little buggers mess up statistics again. Yesterday I was looking at life expectancy. Around 30 in the - and through - the middle ages. But that number is easy to misinterpret ( f*cking average are usually leads astray ). It comes from high proportion of children dying before the age of 15! If you lived through that you were supposed to hit the sixties. See also the barely gone British middle class saying for having two sons - the "heir and spare".

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