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QED (01/02/18 03:54:41) Reply

    Not up to date anymore, but a very rewarding precis

QED  (16/02/18 12:26:23) Reply
    I'm getting fascinated by data to my old age. Like youtube like/dislike proportions to each other and to views and subscriptions. So it hit me that
    while your link seems to be highly informational and according to a comment
    faithful to Feynmans book while easier to process, its got only 64k views.

    I'm afraid youtube gives a good picture of how few people out of the
    connected few billion are actually interested in seeking information to advancing
    anywhere. Versus how many who use the Internet to watch short clips of kitties.

    On the other hand it is interesting to interpret the data. A lot of that "people"
    are actually children. Little buggers mess up statistics again. Yesterday I was looking at life expectancy. Around 30 in the - and through - the middle ages. But that number is easy to misinterpret ( f*cking average are usually leads astray ). It comes from high proportion of children dying before the age of 15! If you lived through that you were supposed to hit the sixties. See also the barely gone British middle class saying for having two sons - the "heir and spare".

Re: QED  (12/03/18 19:47:27) Reply
    "how few people out of the
    connected few billion are actually interested in seeking information to advancing

    It makes you wounder how these people actually think, even if you were to open the whole worlds information to society, it will still remain locked by habits. Another thing is that when most of the stat's are generated by children it might lead the adults to disregard the activity as an activity for children and further degenerate or delay the quality of information extracted.

    So the more closed minded adults are about the activities of the youth the greater the degeneration of society

Re: Re: QED  (14/03/18 19:21:55) Reply
    I stumbled upon this one in a debate somewhere.


    In my experience using facts doesn't win debates, even with fact-and-experience-related topics.

Re: Re: Re: hack the people  (22/03/18 07:11:26) Reply
    biases.. self-grown, or planted..
    replace "engineer" with any other specialization..
    F+ would have been delighted..

Re: Re: Re: Re: hack the people  (30/03/18 06:48:20) Reply
    A vary good one methinks.

    Reminds me of one of my previous lives - the one in the regulatory agency. Part of the staff (me too) were given media training. "Speaking with journalists is a good way of promoting yourself and your skills and projects".

    It isn't. Complexity seems shunned in mainstream media. I think I see much more journalist_career_promoting than interviewee_career_promoting. It is much of the same in academia and politics. It isn't so much about the cause any more.

Re: Re: QED  (14/03/18 19:32:12) Reply

    replace Developer with any other activity done infrequently... Thinker at the end.

    There are much fewer frequent thinkers than there should be.. everyone only seeking answers but near noone seeking questions... hence the soooo many (and growing) religion-like things bringing answers to invented questions/(th)needs..

    "99% of people, when left long blocks of time alone to work on something without anyone to be accountable to, will watch Netflix."

    maybe one day dogs might be better than us :/

communication (16/03/18 10:51:49) Reply
    I apologize to hijack the "original" message/thread. I never get used to the structure of this kind of communication - and even real life if I talk with friends we talk about whatever comes to our mind not usually stick to something - wont you all. Also I couldn't figure any better subject while I just feel to reflect on some of the "answers".

    -d:I am afraid that the bulk of the present Internet users are either coming from the television with their viewer habits OR grown into a continuous personally interconnected existence. Both cases thinking is substituted. My youngest one either watching cartoons or chatting friends - even the online gaming platform is chosen because the built-in chat. While she probably is saved from the telly, I can just hope that she realizes the unnecessity of nonstop online presence.

    -e:Thanks for the link! Interesting to use it for sketching an AI. The thing is with an AI isn't that it could be so much faster/bigger, but that its inherently free from most of these biases, it could be focused. Probably human jealousy is the root of the fear of AI. Otherwise the wiki page should be printed out as a poster to the walls of all the schools.

    -svd:No dedication, no motivation, no focus? Dogs wouldn't do much better. Also strange how the fantastic growth of choices ruined development. The 80's the lucky children got zx81, Spectrum, C64. Very few programs/games ready. The spirit kept up into the deep nineties that if you wanted something you wrote a program or at least a script for it. Most of them grown to be programmers ( or IT professionals whatever the fuck that is ), they have a not too bad living because of that crappy little computer. My youngest uses an imac ( got it for about 50eur, kinda present from a friend - its not HER, but she can use it whenever she wants. ). Time is 95% youtube/games/friend-chat 5% homework. Nothing to develop because everything she "wants" is already there. I couldn't figure any way to get her interested in developing anything. In school IT they do turtle graphics in Smallbasic. IT teacher is not an enthusiast, but someone who is trained to teach turtle graphics in Smallbasic. Somehow the computer turned from a DO device to a consumer shit while its DO abilities are a billion times better than they were near 40 years ago. Or there was always the same proportion of actors and extras, and the computers were first sold to the actors, now all the extras buying them.

Bedtime stories (17/03/18 23:42:11) Reply
    I have grandchildren and I am expecing #5 within a few weeks. So my children are from the 80s. Some of my bedtime stories were about parasites and metals - and that Herodotus story about Rampsenitus and the Thief.

    I can't say that I know how to cope with the smartphone_for_children. Filling all the time with excitement might not be a good idea. Good old-fashioned boredom could be a better initiator of creativeness and imagination and initiative. My role as a grandfather - as I have taken it - is teaching the kids reading before the picture media takes them. So I buy magnetic letters and put them on the fridge and start with the A and the E and the I from 12 months. H and K soon become popular. Not to mention Æ (AE; ä - for the non-.no-non-.dk). It is easy to find out when they get bored - so it is back to the cars or dolls or picture books or Duplo and sandbox. The intermediate goal is to make them able to read comics before they start school. I'd rather have Carl Barks take them than Snapchat.

Re: communication (22/03/18 07:26:09) Reply
    the online-at-any-rate agenda ... is tough to fight. but possible. maybe. Explain, explain, explain. Make real-life alternatives more accessible/enjoyable.

    as of games.. and some other @childhood stuff - i have some theory that what "extras" one misses in childhood (things that others have, and u dont but want them; not necessarily material), will pursue whole hir life later, and might never feel getting enough. At least some of them become like holy grails. "U could not play with that back then but now, whoa, u can and will!"
    So actively making such things accessible @child-age may lessen the strive later. (Or, may make it 10x).
    Will see how that develops in practice..

Re: Re: communication (23/03/18 11:26:44) Reply
    You may be right about that - at least statistically. I only realised it quite recently: People who start their lives as wannabes, go on being wannabes even if they have reached the highest levels in society. People who realise early that they are someone, do not need to be wannabes.

    To be or to wannabe - that's the question.

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