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Marching (19/07/18 07:27:00)
    In these days of the easily offended I wish to say something offensive - so those easily offended must stop right here.

    In nature we are witnessing processes that threaten biodiversity, food production and habitability of large areas. Some (e.g. deforestation) are primarily made by human activity. Others are secondary to extreme weather conditions superimposed on climate changes - such as droughts and floods - or secondary to climate changes - such as insects finding virgin areas owing to increases in temperature.

    We are seeing wars and warlike conditions caused by religious extremism and nationalistic pride. Debates seem to be dominated by posing instead of problem solving, and frequently war terminology is used for projects that by nature are constructive and nonviolent. I think I see that these mentalities and actions lead us towards degeneration of thinking and acting.

    Everybody - regardless of education and ethnicity and religion - has a full set of emotions - to be evoked by appropriate or inappropriate stimuli. So emotionality is universal.

    Rationality, on the other hand, is not an innate competence. Rationality will have to follow rules of rationality. Truthfulness is essential.

    1. The basic facts will need to be truthful.
    2. The basic facts will need to be relevant.
    3. The basic facts may not be comprehensive, but new information appearing must also be taken into consideration and be truthfully accepted or rejected.
    4. When facts are conflicting, this must not be neglected or overruled by force: a compromise of sorts must be made. Majority rule - OK. But the interests of minorities must not be neglected or overruled. There may be a reasonable core even in the most unreasonable requests or attitudes - and this must be taken into account.

    I see third-world attitudes creeping closer all the time. I see a connection with religion - but I see secular ones too.

    The press, the mass media, used to be a source of education of the masses. Not so much any more. When the ability to read is decreasing, the masses are deprived of the ability to educate themselves.

    For a start: decrease the use of pictures. Give text. Anything. Even bloated text - so the world can get tired of it.

    We are being ruled - increasingly - by people holding the third-world mentality:

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