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Re: Just one word (07/07/18 11:30:23)
    Leader of the common people.
    Just what Alexander Hamilton was afraid of. (but who was he? No royalty; just a bastard kid from the lesser Antilles.)
    But the paradox: some Caesar taking over is just what Jefferson feared from Hamilton's Federalism.

    How do we get rid of the bloke? Kill one Kaiser; Kaiser jr takes over. King and capable son vs. Babble and consensus - "you gotta wanta": you have to want to do democracy. Like Franklin said, Jefferson gave us a democracy, if we can keep it.

    So, Trump jr isn't so capable; and the designated successor, Pence, is not independently minded. Paul Ryan, 2rd in line, at least can think, but he's retiring.
Humphrey P

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Re: Just one word