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yet (05/07/18 18:30:24)
    the frog always jumps out of the pot well before the temperature is boiling

    always disturbing these common sayings about casual murder of innocent creatures, boiled frog, cat out of the (kill)bag, etc

    hearken to darwin, yet persist with the interchangable human widget fallacy

    "regression towards the past" like rape-free and murder-free civilised countries without nogo zones? moar. faster.

    not considered is the possibility that canus lupus was already habituated and bred to be in the company of man long before the other breeds were teased out of the helix - ├Žons ago.

    most 'history' is palatable fantasy, clear evidence of antediluvian civilisations are everywhere if a seeker has a mind to look.

    does looking within and not finding a spirit cause the projection of the atheist to declare none else must therefore have a spirit?

    perhaps the spirit within is only hiding or occluded by fear?

    all is well in the forest, much to do before the equinox moon


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