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Rhubarb (26/05/13 21:22:03) Reply
    So it's the season in the North.
    Harvest, remove leaves, cut, peel, cut into pieces, boil down with sugar, add potato starch, boil for a few seconds, pour in a bowl, spread a tablespoon of sugar over it, let cool.

    Before the end of June it's best (less fibers - more tender).

    Never mind about the toxicology - moderate amounts are no problem.



I wish I could plant rhubarb to eat it raw (28/05/13 12:52:14) Reply

Could it be a neolithic tool? (29/05/13 13:45:42) Reply
    I've just found this polished stone while digging a whole for planting a generously fruiting cactus (Hylocereus undatus) and I am flabergasted, no less.


neolithic axe (30/05/13 22:37:28) Reply
    probably a neolithic axe

    imagine a stone
    born in volcano fire
    waiting in the mud
    for some hundred million years

    then imagine a hand
    choosing it among thousands
    shaping and polishing it carefully,
    during long winter days

    stone against stone
    and then combining it with leather strings
    to a good stick
    a technological tool

    and imagine that tool
    getting old,
    changing sticks
    changing hands

    and then resting again in the mud
    for some other dozens centuries
    thousands of rotations
    buried in silence and darkness

    waiting for your hand
    to find it

    your stone
    your tool

    your legacy


Re: Could it be a neolithic tool? (31/05/13 07:58:52) Reply
    How could it be an axe? I can't see how anything can be cut with something that beautifully rounded.

    I'd rather think it was carried in from the seashore or a river bed by a person who, like you, found it to be beautiful and attractive.


It simply feels like a tool (31/05/13 12:42:12) Reply
    You know when you hold something done by purpose, you sense it right away. Besides, It obviously has been polished on all sides, the cutting edge retain some sharpness; this stone has been chosen, worked upon for hours if not days as mgua says it poetically. But what perplex me, when I compare it with big and heavy stone axes, is its size. If it was an axe it would be a hatchet, a pocket knive or a noelithic kitchen knive? I am a bit of an amateur stone collector for many years and I am thrilled by this one

    I've added a few more pictures for you to see.

Re: Re: Could it be a neolithic tool? (31/05/13 13:09:07) Reply
    I agree that it is not similar to a contemporary axe,
    but just...

    just google images for "neolithical axe"
    it is rather convincing.

    you can also see how it was used in hand, or mounted on a stick.


A reminder (12/06/13 17:45:39) Reply
    I have no further arguments, only a link


Weather Report: "You are rambling" (15/06/13 12:33:18) Reply
    That's what I thought about us, old farts while watching my younger me getting old with the help of this film: The Company you keep. . .

    Love is a must, fraternity is all, all the rest is just but dust particules following the winds that blows.

    Nice pics of sand or water blasted stone but, the one I found is definitly a hatchet on one side and a hammer on the other; do you want me to try to mount the tool in order to unleash its powers on wood, bamboo or flesh as a demonstration?

Bamboo, please (16/06/13 13:49:07) Reply

Or maybe  (16/06/13 15:53:18) Reply

come again

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