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point of view (16/04/18 22:42:43) Reply
    My eye watched the earth turn, if your views blurred i guess you will read between the lines, look how far imagination took the human race, from open fires in the middle of no were to tesla cars in space,

    You can't always trust what you see on tv, trust your imagination its yours, fake it till you make it

Re: point of view (17/04/18 17:34:27) Reply
    And now the same imagination is taking us back to the open fires in the middle of nowhere...

Re: Re: point of view (17/04/18 22:48:34) Reply
    In my opinion, you kind of have to some times, its not going backwards but evolving, take the bitcoin for instance, that concept and the block chain technology that underpins it, is for the future, but essentially its rethinking very old philosophies, those of the Internet and even older money. Introspection with a sense of understanding where you come from can help in breaking out of present paradigms


Re: Re: Re: point of view (18/04/18 20:33:49) Reply
    on the block chain... a good explanation of one of the main parts: time.
    or, a correct abstraction of it.

Re: Re: Re: Re: point of view (20/04/18 20:05:02) Reply
    Thanks for this peep into the union of money and mathematics. Music and mathematics I have heard of before. The same with music and money. So, unexpectedly, I see some sort of menage-a-trois. I didn't see that coming.

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