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question for SF readers (21/08/14 09:02:22)
    Here is a question for Science Fiction enthusiasts.
    Many years ago (30?) i came across a short story book, maybe from Asimov, or Brown. I remember quite clearly one of those stories, but was not able to recover author nor title. Would like your help in finding it out.

    Here it goes.

    An Alien ship comes to earth, looking for knowledge, and the alien captain asks to get access to all earth knowledge, in any form. He is pacific, and just asks to get a copy of it.

    Then the humans bring all the books, and movies, and records, and create a huge pile.

    The alien then starts reading everything, coding each letter/pixel/sound as a number, and writes all the numbers in a special book, without spaces. He gets a huge number.

    Then he writes "0," at the beginning of the huge number, and takes out a shiny short metal ruler out of his pocket. The ruler has a "0" mark at one end, and "1" at the other end.

    He then quickly marks on the ruler a very fine line with his ultra sharp special pen, in correspondence to the big number, and writes "Earth" next to the line.

    He then thanks humanity and leaves.
    His ruler was full of lines.


    Any hints?


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question for SF readers