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south pacific (26/09/14 22:20:28) Reply

Re: south pacific (04/10/14 11:22:52) Reply

commend me... (n/t) (04/10/14 11:36:04) Reply

Epic (04/10/14 17:25:21) Reply
    I only fucking mean here, for Somebody, to commend Anonymous kindest Regards/Respects ("me") TO Them (hope they don't need it! :)
    (and not to "commend" fucking me, no, of course)
    That's all.

    But anyway its been some time since I've been "hijacking" these very Boards
    (never knowing for certain whos who here really, taking "individuals" for granted as such :) , excuse this possible naivety of me, excuse me if I didn't always live up to expectations :)

    From this point on I'l still need to restrain myself even a little bit more, meaning no my posts here any longer, hopefully. Nothing personal, just the contrary, to von and all (someway always was "in for IT" ;)

    Its OK.
    All the Best :)
but please

Re: Epic (04/10/14 18:43:53) Reply
    Typing one word while meaning
    completely another...

    Somebody stop me please :)


come again

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