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Re: something else - ebony (04/11/17 20:34:34)
    I'd think it is about particle size. Small particles will not sediment very quickly. I can see it in my home with the dust in the air - specially when the sun is low, like in winter and early spring.

    I don't know about ebony - but there are some interesting experiments related to kitchen hygiene.

    If you use a wooden carving board


    for your food salmonella-contaminated chicken, then bacteria live shorter on the board than if you use a polythene board. And, I'd think it is likely that wood in general, but specially tropical wood, contain strong chemicals to fend off bacteria and pests. So it would not surprise me if they are toxic to humans. Actually wood dust toxicity is a problem not only with ebony.

    This seems like an example of the general principle that plants defend themselves with chemicals. Not all of those are poisons to humans, but some are.

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Re: something else - ebony