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The Economy (07/05/17 20:40:56) Reply
    Money never dissapears, it just moves from one account to the next. With that said is it not that the printing of money just makes the rich more rich, because the poor can only use this excess money for debt, so this means that if an economy was to fall, this must logically mean that the money is now held in another economy. If you are selling corn and I like buying corn, the fall in the currency will not make the corn less tastier than it was, unless labor costs contribute to the quality of the corn decreasing, but looking at it from another point of view doesn't this also represent hidden potential because we know that with the right investment the land can produce the type of corn that is good, and all that is needed would be to motivate those that will cultivate the fields and for that you need money.

    But here is another point of view, when survival is the only factor to be reached, the farmers that have the land will have to learn how to farm as a means of survival to feed their families, and basically taking the community into a bartering economy when you consider that not all people will have the same skills.

    The integration of this community should logically lead to a supply and demand concept which is the basics of economics, when they is enought demand then this attracts more investments, even from those that dontt reside in that community.

    But the most important thing is that what lead to this demand was the integration of the community, the ability of a couple of people to solve their basic needs and survive against all odds

    So why is it that people cant get along, why are they such divisions in communities, and who does it benefit to have a disintegration of the community

    Well in todays world that best way to disturb this integration of a community is to destabilize the political environment, because politicians are supposed to represent the community

    When people are divided they no longer have trust for each other, they stop buying each others products, they reduce the demand of a product that is good to start with

    I mean all food is planted in the ground and it grows, man simply has to put the seed in the ground and the environment does the rest all the other advanced things that happen are only because of supply and demand

    If the community was a person it might make more sense, any person who doesn't have confidence in their own abilities will not achieve much, they have everything they need to be great, but they are not

    It this person was a country then it is possible to have the richest country with wide spread starvation and mass inequality

    All because of the disintegration of the community, through regime change sponsored buy those that stand to gain the from the demand and supply of the goods produced by the community.

    To many of the people involved in this cycle, the demands of everyday life are so exhausting that they are to tired to think of anything else at the end, their Saviour is generations away

    The poor cry and look for a messiah and the rich worship and give thanks for what they have, those that were raised with the sweat of those involved in the cycle see this as heaven and start worshiping this, so even thou they are successful they are still slaves to a life they don't understand

    These people do not help the situation, they have become part of the system their sole purpose is to enforce the very injustice they were raised from on their own people

    The truth is price less...

    To work without understanding is not work, it is labor I mean look at the bees for how long have they been building that hive like that...

Re: The Economy (09/05/17 21:03:29) Reply
    I feel a lot of truth lies in the last punchline... for good or bad.
    We assume the bees make hexagonal cells, but they're trying _since the begining_ to make them round, in the tight but smug, available space.

    We are victims of our short vision, we want to live _well_ but we want the best club or spear or horse available..._to survive better_
    Economy is a tool that keeps us stupid, we're not thinking of expansion because we've got to respect our dead, or pay some other high price in order to do so.
    Now the race is for Mars... but its a pathetic step when you consider where we should be, or could be _if we thought differently_
    We need to compete (it's natural law, Bob knows whe made us that way!) so we're not a hive comunity, yet.
    Perhaps later on, when we get really desperate from "the economy", we'll find ourselves battering our heads against hexagonal walls.
    just my 5 cents

The greed (13/05/17 20:46:34) Reply
    Too many people wish to get rich and/or richer without really working. Some cannot or will not work well, so they exploit others who can.

    Telling lies pays too well too often.

Re: The greed (16/05/17 21:44:15) Reply
    The unfortunate truth of todays society, and what is worse is that those who are taken advantage of look up to those who are richer than them and further reinforcing the same system that is imprisoning them, it really is a very difficult chain to break


Re: Re: The greed (17/05/17 22:29:51) Reply
    Wealth in our days is physiological, for as long as you can keep the thought process of those involved in the machinery of what make the wealth possible all is good

Re: Re: The Economy (14/05/17 10:19:03) Reply
    There is scant hope as long as there is a system that rewards criminal behaviour from rulers. I think the hope for the future lies in the increased transparency regarding money transactions so that the people in top positions not so easily can hide their illegitimately gained money. The Panama papers gave me some light in the tunnel. This might be effective, eventually, against overt corruption.

    But there is disguised corruption too. Just let there be a long delay between the corrupt service as a politician or civil servant and the monetary reward, and let the money be visible to the taxman. By this method you can corrupt anyone by offering highly paid positions or lavish rewards for minor services such as lectures.

    It's time to change the laws and to let loose the Facebook and Twitter crowds on the perpetrators on both sides of those transactions.

Re: Re: The Economy (16/05/17 21:59:06) Reply
    "Economy is a tool that keeps us stupid"

    Yes while at the same time, to keep the lie going you have to make it complex or simply put, when you lie about a lie you have to come up with another word to disguise the lie, write it in a financial text book and teach it in schools. The one in a million who can decipher it will then get praised for it. Don't get me wrong its good to do the best you can with what is presented to you but its foolish not to step back and see how it fits into the bigger picture


Re: Re: Re: The Economy (17/05/17 12:21:10) Reply
    I read in the last issue of Die Zeit there is a rebellion going on in economist circles.

    "CORE is an open-access, interactive ebook-based course for anyone interested in learning about the economy and economics.

    CORE is a question-motivated way to learn the tools of economics.

    CORE is based on recent developments in economics and other social sciences.

    CORE is a community of learners and teachers collaborating to make economics accessible and relevant to today’s problems. Join us."


http://www.core-econ.org/ebook/ (n/t) (17/05/17 12:39:32) Reply

Re: http://www.core-econ.org/ebook/ (17/05/17 22:30:53) Reply
    Thank you

Short term and long term: staving off starvation may compete with sustainability (15/05/17 05:56:08) Reply
    So the individual fights for survival and - when that is secured - improvements. Sustainability is a responsibility of politics. It is a deplorable fact that too many top politicians work for the short term and ignore the need for compromises and advanced planning: survival today *and* building structures and systems that secure, sustain and improve the chance of survival in future.

    Population increase may be advantageous for those country leaders that need cannon fodder for their next wars - and religious leaders will support that. This is disastrously destructive in a country that cannot always feed itself. So religion and sustainability needs a compromise: sustainability must not be ignored.

    Polluting rivers, soil and air may be economically advantageous in the short term, but destructive in the long term.

    Widespread antibiotic prophylaxis may be advantageous in the short term, but is a strong stimulant towards widespread and severe antibiotic resistance.

    When will we have mature adults as leaders for all countries -or at least: enough countries?

Re: Short term and long term: staving off starvation may compete with sustainability (19/05/17 18:26:52) Reply

Re: Short term and long term: staving off starvation may compete with sustainability (20/05/17 07:23:13) Reply
    some 20 years ago, the way of top .bg state clerks buying/ordering big things, like say, factories, or bridges, was :
    - how much will cost the factory?
    - 10 million
    - how much will cost, if 1 million should go in my account?
    - ?? 20 million ?
    ..signs the bill, hand shakes, all fine. (Whether it's X personal account or party's secret-funsing account, all the same.)
    The population pays.

    Now it got even further. it's not anymore about buying/building at all, thats too cumbersome.
    - someone wants/needs to build, repair, whatever-that-takes-large-sum ?
    - find your funding, insert 1 million / 50% in the account, and there might be an action, and u may win it.
    Nothing anymore happens here that does not allow most-of-it to be stolen into personal/party accounts.

    it's funny that the state and the population are like living in separate balloony universes, although on same teritory, and each one trying to cheat the other. This has been always the case, probably not only in .bg, but it is now way too frapant in .bg. The longer term the people try to think, the shorter term the state thinks.

    long term? 2 days is too long.
    it's a psychological balloon, but when will it pop...
    starvation? what's that?

Police and policing (20/05/17 18:22:12) Reply
    As long as laws are unforceable, there isn't much to be done. Corrupt politicians and corrupt police - a very strong and unholy alliance.

    Starting shitstorms on Twitter or Facebook and in the gutter press would work wonders in .no - although all those media may enlarge trifles into world-shattering events and hurt severely people who are only vaguely guilty. That doesn't work so well in systems with censorship. But wait - haven't I seen somewhere that Chinese citizens have started shitstorms against severely corrupt leaders and even got rid of them? Or maybe it was only a pre-arranged power struggle with the powers that be astroturfing against a rival fraction of the party?

    Would an EU anticorruption police with power to put governments and parliament members to justice be a good idea?

Re: Police and policing (20/05/17 21:17:32) Reply
    it should be become "fashionable" and "meritable" not to be evil. Esp. amongst the slavonic (read east europe + whooooole russia)

    one might live somewhat with stealing, as long as it's about helping and stealing off that.. maybe seen as further tax. But when it is hindering and stealing off that.. it's .. disgusting. tax on taxing. a pointless exercise in going nowhere - but as very expensive journey.

    Most institutions and industries recently are in total loss-of-meaning, and are franticaly working towards making themselves looking meaningfull (or each-other, in a very chain-gang way) and keeping themselves alive - irrelevant and regardless of their original purpose. "health" industry is not anymore about healing anyone, nor the education is about educating anyone, - all is about generating their own income / keeping status-quo. (dont say I.T.... IT might be the leader in all this :/ ) And "State" is just one such institution that might seem outdated.

    EU? pfff. Another state, on top. Rules for when rules rule and when not.. Only the stakes are higher.

    interesting times... yeah.

Re: Re: Police and policing (22/05/17 04:46:31) Reply
    Not only in .bg, I'd say, this loss of meaning.

    I think it is related to what I regard as hostile takeover by politics of the professions. It is more about power and positions and money and less about the real work. There may be local or regional differences, though.

Re: Re: Police and policing (22/05/17 18:45:56) Reply
    Owing to the precipitous fall in oil prices and oil revenue our politicians are now blabbering about what to do "after oil". Implicit in this is the desire for a large array of blockbuster inventions that will bring quick and big money.

    If you dig, you will find sad stories of inventors who have been robbed of their inventions. Ripped off.

    We see the unholy alliance - the mutual support - of politicians and the robber barons of finance and industry.

    OT, perhaps, but I cannot resist.


    (I have the vinyl)

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