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Re: Re: Punishments (03/11/16 20:19:30)
    "We try to save energy by reducing waste"
    I fear we are only another form of energy, trying to maxamise its enthalpy, and not play part of the unavoidable entropy. We don't _know_ better since we are just little beings.

    "human resources"... reminds me of a book I read "the toolmakers koan"

    "with the means necessary":
    I'm not so sure we're good enough at fixing things yet... I'm a fond believer in "natural law", by that I mean: what happens without _our_ interference.
    These ppl are amoung us as a consequence of everything we are... left alone without society or stucture or help what would become of these ppl?.

    It's a very comfortable stand point I'll admit, no responsibility etc.
    It would be nice, however, to see someone turn and fight the tide now and then, it makes life so much sweeter to see Lucifer yearn for a seat... just like in the old days.

    "Sometimes guidance and mild force is enough to prevent it."
    this would be a good example of the estremist "Hero" I mentioned above.

    I wonder how it _really_ works though, is it pride or fear or a mixture of both... or simple "maddness" that prevents a homeless person from asking for a space away from the winters cold... even when they're 99.99% sure that they don't have to give it back. (I live in italy and saw a Iene transmisson recently that drew up a similar scene, what a beautifull pure soul)

    There's a strange, sad aspect to human nature that makes me think that Darwin should have looked closer to links concerning Lemmings, the great apes are far more helpful socially.

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Re: Re: Punishments