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Journalisten an Seilen (01/08/15 17:01:41) Reply

    careful out there, gentlemen. big bruh, ehr kumt.

Re: Journalisten an Seilen (02/08/15 16:02:56) Reply
    Yeah. Relatively big demonstrationo against this bullshit today in Berlin.

    Big discussions all over the German press landscape (which is good, because it protects Markus and his companion). Looking forward to seeing Constanze again to get some insights from within netzpolitik.org about this stuff...

Re: Journalisten an Seilen (06/08/15 22:11:51) Reply
    The story now takes a different route... The secretary of justice forced the Federal Prosecutor General to resign.

    Many people in Germany felt reminded of the Spiegel affair of 1962: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spiegel_scandal

come again

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