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Re: Nanoparticles (15/10/17 15:17:11)
    Making nanoparticles is easy for some - like caramel. Others are more tricky because those tiny particles tend to aggregate into lumps that have lost some of the desirable properties of nanoparticles. So they need to be stabilised. This is an art or a science in itself. The stabiliser must be present before the formation of the particles.

    It's like with the caramel. If you roast your flour too long on the frying pan, it all converts into coke, and it will be quite a chore to remove it from the pan. It's doable with my old cast-iron pans. I don't think modern PTFE-covered surfaces will endure the heat. And it is better to be outside if those PTFE layers start to decompose above 350 degrees Celcius.

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Re: Nanoparticles