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Re: Honest work (17/09/17 11:14:00)
    "So what are people going to do? How can we as a society give the young a meaningful life where they can do useful work and earn a decent living?"

    They has been a great drive towards Artificial intelligence, every tech company is investing some how into this sector. The best employees will be the ones who are able to fuse technology skills into some other skill, but not everyone has the capacity to do that and its a very difficult thing to do. So yes all these industries can be automated but they needs to be some cross transfer of knowledge from A to B. In essence technology works best when they is a routine, if a thing is done the same way all the time why not write a program for it?

    If you are conscious of these routines you can write the program for yourself, or find some one who has done so and improve on it, if you are not you will be at the mercy of AI, which will map these routines out of your every day behavior and then resell them to you at a high price in the form of software or appliance.

    Yes technology does make life easy but it also makes us lazy, to even think. And this has been an aged old truth that those who get comfortable never go far even in the age where technology didn't exist.

    The shift should come from eduction, its outdated. People cant comprehend what the future is going to look like so they cant plan for it properly, and this is where techies, can be of most use, especially those who have cultivated the skill of fusing tech into another skill.

    Society still See's university degree's, masters, doctorate degrees as the alpha and omega, so they cant come to the conclusion that the whole education system needs to be over hauled.

    Governments have for years been developing a workforce for jobs which will not exist, unemployment is inevitable. This has resulted in billions now been spent on technology consultants to bridge the gap, the only problem is they don't know where or who to spend it on, do you give it to A or B and hope they can find C

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Re: Honest work