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Think tanks (17/09/17 08:31:04)
    Today's newspaper had a commentary regarding a local think tank called Agenda - originating from the social democratic party, and supported by a trade union and a radical billionaire.

    So - the thinking is from a basis of power. Mainstream politics and money.

    Most of the participants have a background of social sciences - which at best is a descriptive science, not an experimental science. (I think I would call it a branch of philosophy rather than a science.) So they have little more insight than the common womand and man in the nuts and bolts that will be forming the future. It's all soft - governed by opinion, emotion and and consensus-seeking. Conventional wisdom.

    A real agenda-setting think tank needs techies. Working techies, not retired techies or wannabe technies. Serving in a think tank inevitably softens a techie - so techies need to be replaced often enough - like all the others. Stale, routine-thinking think tanks are not up to the task.

    It's like governments that are re-elected too many times.

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Think tanks