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Police and policing (20/05/17 18:22:12)
    As long as laws are unforceable, there isn't much to be done. Corrupt politicians and corrupt police - a very strong and unholy alliance.

    Starting shitstorms on Twitter or Facebook and in the gutter press would work wonders in .no - although all those media may enlarge trifles into world-shattering events and hurt severely people who are only vaguely guilty. That doesn't work so well in systems with censorship. But wait - haven't I seen somewhere that Chinese citizens have started shitstorms against severely corrupt leaders and even got rid of them? Or maybe it was only a pre-arranged power struggle with the powers that be astroturfing against a rival fraction of the party?

    Would an EU anticorruption police with power to put governments and parliament members to justice be a good idea?

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Police and policing