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Re: Short term and long term: staving off starvation may compete with sustainability (20/05/17 07:23:13)
    some 20 years ago, the way of top .bg state clerks buying/ordering big things, like say, factories, or bridges, was :
    - how much will cost the factory?
    - 10 million
    - how much will cost, if 1 million should go in my account?
    - ?? 20 million ?
    ..signs the bill, hand shakes, all fine. (Whether it's X personal account or party's secret-funsing account, all the same.)
    The population pays.

    Now it got even further. it's not anymore about buying/building at all, thats too cumbersome.
    - someone wants/needs to build, repair, whatever-that-takes-large-sum ?
    - find your funding, insert 1 million / 50% in the account, and there might be an action, and u may win it.
    Nothing anymore happens here that does not allow most-of-it to be stolen into personal/party accounts.

    it's funny that the state and the population are like living in separate balloony universes, although on same teritory, and each one trying to cheat the other. This has been always the case, probably not only in .bg, but it is now way too frapant in .bg. The longer term the people try to think, the shorter term the state thinks.

    long term? 2 days is too long.
    it's a psychological balloon, but when will it pop...
    starvation? what's that?

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Re: Short term and long term: staving off starvation may compete with sustainability