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Short term and long term: staving off starvation may compete with sustainability (15/05/17 05:56:08)
    So the individual fights for survival and - when that is secured - improvements. Sustainability is a responsibility of politics. It is a deplorable fact that too many top politicians work for the short term and ignore the need for compromises and advanced planning: survival today *and* building structures and systems that secure, sustain and improve the chance of survival in future.

    Population increase may be advantageous for those country leaders that need cannon fodder for their next wars - and religious leaders will support that. This is disastrously destructive in a country that cannot always feed itself. So religion and sustainability needs a compromise: sustainability must not be ignored.

    Polluting rivers, soil and air may be economically advantageous in the short term, but destructive in the long term.

    Widespread antibiotic prophylaxis may be advantageous in the short term, but is a strong stimulant towards widespread and severe antibiotic resistance.

    When will we have mature adults as leaders for all countries -or at least: enough countries?

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Short term and long term: staving off starvation may compete with sustainability