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Re: Re: The Economy (14/05/17 10:19:03)
    There is scant hope as long as there is a system that rewards criminal behaviour from rulers. I think the hope for the future lies in the increased transparency regarding money transactions so that the people in top positions not so easily can hide their illegitimately gained money. The Panama papers gave me some light in the tunnel. This might be effective, eventually, against overt corruption.

    But there is disguised corruption too. Just let there be a long delay between the corrupt service as a politician or civil servant and the monetary reward, and let the money be visible to the taxman. By this method you can corrupt anyone by offering highly paid positions or lavish rewards for minor services such as lectures.

    It's time to change the laws and to let loose the Facebook and Twitter crowds on the perpetrators on both sides of those transactions.

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Re: Re: The Economy