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Re: The Economy (09/05/17 21:03:29)
    I feel a lot of truth lies in the last punchline... for good or bad.
    We assume the bees make hexagonal cells, but they're trying _since the begining_ to make them round, in the tight but smug, available space.

    We are victims of our short vision, we want to live _well_ but we want the best club or spear or horse available..._to survive better_
    Economy is a tool that keeps us stupid, we're not thinking of expansion because we've got to respect our dead, or pay some other high price in order to do so.
    Now the race is for Mars... but its a pathetic step when you consider where we should be, or could be _if we thought differently_
    We need to compete (it's natural law, Bob knows whe made us that way!) so we're not a hive comunity, yet.
    Perhaps later on, when we get really desperate from "the economy", we'll find ourselves battering our heads against hexagonal walls.
    just my 5 cents

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Re: The Economy