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cops (07/11/16 20:26:36)
    Yep. And the same is true of the CPS ( Child Protection Service ) we were talking the other day. Whole lots of nations aren't used to trust anything the government/offices do the same they can't trust the(ir) police. And the same there are a lots of nations where if you are think yourself an honest person you simply don't choose any governmental profession. For one it won't pay enough, so if you go there you hope to make a living by being corrupt and a bully - and you need to be too stupid to make a proper living out of your abilities or talent ( obviously a stupid corrupt bully ). Steep learning curve? I was pretty surprised in some countries abroad how DISARMINGLY POLITE can police/army even pub bouncers could be. Better than kung-fu let me tell you. Especially with me having a mirrorlike quick temper ( few times I was on the verge of attacking officials after they began rude ).

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