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Edward Jenner (20/11/15 21:21:06)
    He was the man who sort of invented the vaccine - by inoculating the relatively innocuous cow pox onto people - and thus, successfully - protecting the recipients against the lethal disease smallpox. This disease was the first - and perhaps only - infectious disease to be eradicated. The last case was a laboratory leak


    To return to the topic: The vast majority of the people leaving Syria are ordinary people - I'm sure of that. With those we can make an alliance. Anyway - they can't be sent back - so we have to cope.

    It will not be a question of integrating; it will be a question of assimilation. They will need to work - no country can sustain them on welfare. It will be a tremendous pressure on the welfare systems anyway - but if we make an alliance with them, and they can be our protection against islamism. That's one of the dangers they fled from, isn't it? My Iranian colleagues - just ask them what they think of islamism. Why would the Syrians be different?

    So we can use them for fortifying our aging population - and they will be our vaccine against islamism if we treat them right. We don't need to repeat the errors of the French and the Belgians and the Swedes.

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