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Silver (15/11/15 22:17:15)
    If you are careless and work with silver nitrate, it will stain your fingers. If you work with silver oxide powder and spill it, it is wiser to treat it like dust and use a vacuum cleaner and some damp cloths to remove it. In such circumstances it is a good idea not to know anything about the chemistry of silver.

    If you are stupid and learned enough, you will know that ammonia can build complexes with silver and dissolve silver oxide under given conditions. If you do that with silver oxide powder, the powder will partly dissolve and penetrate into the pores of the material where you spilled it. It could be a white polymer sink - looking like porcelain, but being a lot lighter and less brittle and breakable. Under such circumstances you will never get rid of the stains when the silver oxide reforms in those pores.

    I think it might be an idea to be entirely religion-neutral. In the norwegian system the powers that be have been listening to the mullahs, believing that all people coming from muslim countries are muslims - so the secular people from muslim countries have come into a squeeze where they should not have been owing to violent primitive believers from Pakistan and the Horn of Africa. And we have allowed those Saudi-financed mosques.

    All come here to make their fortune. Lots of them come here to work. But they compete directly with those natives of the receiving country who can only ever have simple jobs.

    A few immigrants in an area may be stimulating. Too many will be stifling.

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