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Re: The muslims and the press (13/11/15 14:28:24)
    But the pressure on the european welfare systems may be more than they can bear.

    That's the short-time view, I guess...
    On the longer run, these people - if integrated well - will work and pay taxes and contribute to our social security systems.

    Germany is - right after Japan - the G8 state with the second highest average age. About 3 years ago, I attended a speech by a guy from Prognos Institute (Basel/CH) about the demographic and economical development of the G20 states.
    He assumed, that in 2050 Germany would only have 71 million inhabitants (compared to 81 million in 2012) and that therefore we wouldn't be able to realize severals billions of GDP. From other sources I knwo that there's estimates, that 20 years from now, one employee has to pay retirement pensions for three retired people.

    As for Germany: We urgently need these people and should do everything we can to teach them the language, to integrate them into our society and to get them into work asap. Unfortunately, a lot of people seem to ignore this. Once again, fear and envy are stronger than logic and sympathy...

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Re: The muslims and the press