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The muslims and the press (04/11/15 21:42:39)
    A well-placed source says in a weekly newspaper that 40 percent of norwegian muslims are not member of a religious community, and a sizeable proportion of those who are members, never to to the mosque. Must of the so-called muslims are about as religious as the average norwegian christian - which isn't much. Leaving islam can be discussed openly. Girls with hijabs can and will have boyfriends without telling the parents. Leaving islam can be discussed openly.

    And aaa good deal of "radical" ethnic norwegians are sympathising with the islamists because they think they are kept down. But it is their women who are suppressed - and the young ones are voting with their feet after seeing what norwegian girls are doing.

    I think it will work out. Most of refugees leave their country to seek something better. But the pressure on the european welfare systems may be more than they can bear.

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The muslims and the press