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The muslims and the press (04/11/15 21:42:39) Reply
    A well-placed source says in a weekly newspaper that 40 percent of norwegian muslims are not member of a religious community, and a sizeable proportion of those who are members, never to to the mosque. Must of the so-called muslims are about as religious as the average norwegian christian - which isn't much. Leaving islam can be discussed openly. Girls with hijabs can and will have boyfriends without telling the parents. Leaving islam can be discussed openly.

    And aaa good deal of "radical" ethnic norwegians are sympathising with the islamists because they think they are kept down. But it is their women who are suppressed - and the young ones are voting with their feet after seeing what norwegian girls are doing.

    I think it will work out. Most of refugees leave their country to seek something better. But the pressure on the european welfare systems may be more than they can bear.

Re: The muslims and the press (04/11/15 22:58:59) Reply
    at least here in west.de the system is down, we have tents, 15-20 meters beside the rails with nohingk between & 300 - 400 trains a day. Everybody living there for some month or more is trash, you only can throw it away.

Waking the Bear (05/11/15 18:25:04) Reply
    An A321 disintegrating at march altitude without any distress warning from the pilots - it's a bomb until it's been disproven. That class of planes, whether from Airbus or Boeing: they are marvels of reliability and solidity. 18 years is nothing. Repair of a tail damage 14 years ago: it means nothing. No part with any sign of damage (I'm talking about x-ray searches for material defects) will be left, and any doubt will lead to replacement.

    So there must have been ISIL agents, bought, sympathising or implanted, among the luggage crew. And airport security regarding cargo control must be leaky. It's a blow to Egyptian system. And I suppose the Russian revenge will be heavy and with lots of collateral damage.

    I can only close my eyes and shudder.

Re: Waking the Bear (05/11/15 21:34:09) Reply
    yes, looks like you're right, .uk & .us sources too are thinking in this direction

Age and news (05/11/15 18:31:33) Reply
    I am a openly declared republican (in .no that is as a contrast to royalist), but a quotation from our former, now deceased, king is : At my age I'm only fit for the good news. The young people will have to take care of the bad news.

    All this injustice and death and suffering. When I was young I thought I could make a difference. Now I know better.

Re: The muslims and the press (13/11/15 14:28:24) Reply
    But the pressure on the european welfare systems may be more than they can bear.

    That's the short-time view, I guess...
    On the longer run, these people - if integrated well - will work and pay taxes and contribute to our social security systems.

    Germany is - right after Japan - the G8 state with the second highest average age. About 3 years ago, I attended a speech by a guy from Prognos Institute (Basel/CH) about the demographic and economical development of the G20 states.
    He assumed, that in 2050 Germany would only have 71 million inhabitants (compared to 81 million in 2012) and that therefore we wouldn't be able to realize severals billions of GDP. From other sources I knwo that there's estimates, that 20 years from now, one employee has to pay retirement pensions for three retired people.

    As for Germany: We urgently need these people and should do everything we can to teach them the language, to integrate them into our society and to get them into work asap. Unfortunately, a lot of people seem to ignore this. Once again, fear and envy are stronger than logic and sympathy...

Re: Re: The muslims and the press (14/11/15 22:57:37) Reply
    you urgently need these people, for what, to kill your family with christian fire or muslem stones?
    Not this pseudo logic nonsense please, none of these refugees will have a qualified job (did you ever meet a syrian 'engineer' in RL? That is simply nothing, class 8-10 knowledge), so they will earn nothing & pay nothing (low-pay sector [and that is why they are welcome here by the employers].

On a strange sidenote (14/11/15 23:26:42) Reply
    Your question about the syrian engineer. There is a Bulgarian friend of mine, who told me that there are qualified Syrian doctors and engineers for example, who got the degrees from the Bulgarian Universities (communist/postcommunist times?), and some of them got a Bulgarian wife husband. They did not target Germany - they already speak bulgarian, and their degree(s) is/are valid there.

    In my opinion if you want migrants to integrate you can only take less than what makes up an own community. A single family max two per village. Then they have no choice but integrate. And in those secularised countries where religion IS separated from state I would swear them up to the country's constitution - so that there is no question about if Allah got priority over the country's existing law and order.

Re: On a strange sidenote (15/11/15 00:30:41) Reply
    in every point, you mentioned, you are imvho right.
    No one here was prepared simply for the number of people, which arrived.
    No chance to put them in different parts of the town.

Re: Re: Re: The muslims and the press (17/11/15 23:20:41) Reply
    IBTD. In almost every respect.

Re: Re: Re: Re: The muslims and the press (27/11/15 12:22:12) Reply
    OK, have you already read
    Maybe those people will work but they will not pay taxes or contribute to our social security systems, how could they?

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: The muslims and the press (27/11/15 21:31:57) Reply
    and nobody wants to hide it, i just read about the results of a survey and 71% of the refugees will be offer a job as untrained or trainee (and we know know, that 3 of 4 trainees of this kind will not finish the training successfully).

brushin up on my integral calculus (01/06/16 13:16:01) Reply

    I get 0.030306%

    I'm guessing, and bear in mind that I am not an economist, so this is not investment advice, per se. I am guessing this is not going to end well for socialized anything in Sweden.

    But surely Germany is different, so I'm sure it will all be fine.

    Carry on.

    love from the forest

Re: brushin up on my integral calculus (07/06/16 21:30:46) Reply
    Sweden is in deep trouble, methinks - but I see signs that more of them are understanding how and why. It will take time, but they are clever and resourceful people, and they will cope. Not this year or next year, and not quietly and entirely peacefully - but they will cope.

    A bet? A beer in Stockholm in 10 years?

les critiques de musique (14/11/15 00:32:26) Reply
    seem to be integrating very well in Paris

    who doesn't love the symphony?

    Vive la France!


Re: les critiques de musique (14/11/15 22:35:35) Reply

Silver (15/11/15 22:17:15) Reply
    If you are careless and work with silver nitrate, it will stain your fingers. If you work with silver oxide powder and spill it, it is wiser to treat it like dust and use a vacuum cleaner and some damp cloths to remove it. In such circumstances it is a good idea not to know anything about the chemistry of silver.

    If you are stupid and learned enough, you will know that ammonia can build complexes with silver and dissolve silver oxide under given conditions. If you do that with silver oxide powder, the powder will partly dissolve and penetrate into the pores of the material where you spilled it. It could be a white polymer sink - looking like porcelain, but being a lot lighter and less brittle and breakable. Under such circumstances you will never get rid of the stains when the silver oxide reforms in those pores.

    I think it might be an idea to be entirely religion-neutral. In the norwegian system the powers that be have been listening to the mullahs, believing that all people coming from muslim countries are muslims - so the secular people from muslim countries have come into a squeeze where they should not have been owing to violent primitive believers from Pakistan and the Horn of Africa. And we have allowed those Saudi-financed mosques.

    All come here to make their fortune. Lots of them come here to work. But they compete directly with those natives of the receiving country who can only ever have simple jobs.

    A few immigrants in an area may be stimulating. Too many will be stifling.

Re: Silver (16/11/15 21:06:47) Reply
    it was clear, that the employers are now wanting to decrease the minimum wage, gs, wasn't it? Only to help the refugees to get jobs of course...

Edward Jenner (20/11/15 21:21:06) Reply
    He was the man who sort of invented the vaccine - by inoculating the relatively innocuous cow pox onto people - and thus, successfully - protecting the recipients against the lethal disease smallpox. This disease was the first - and perhaps only - infectious disease to be eradicated. The last case was a laboratory leak


    To return to the topic: The vast majority of the people leaving Syria are ordinary people - I'm sure of that. With those we can make an alliance. Anyway - they can't be sent back - so we have to cope.

    It will not be a question of integrating; it will be a question of assimilation. They will need to work - no country can sustain them on welfare. It will be a tremendous pressure on the welfare systems anyway - but if we make an alliance with them, and they can be our protection against islamism. That's one of the dangers they fled from, isn't it? My Iranian colleagues - just ask them what they think of islamism. Why would the Syrians be different?

    So we can use them for fortifying our aging population - and they will be our vaccine against islamism if we treat them right. We don't need to repeat the errors of the French and the Belgians and the Swedes.

Disagreeing with the law, or refusing to acknowledge the physical facts (21/11/15 20:44:38) Reply
    The best example I know is religious.
    In Norway, there has been a strong connection between christianity of a really conservative type and complete abstention from alcohol. So one of those urban guys was discussing alcohol with one of those religious people from the bible belt.

    "You know - Jesus drank wine. He even made water into wine."
    "We know. But we don't like it."


    Disagreeing with the law is the right of anyone. Breaking it is a crime.

    svd once said something to the effect that morality needs to be internal to everyone. Ordering it does not work. So there is a need to invade the belief systems and the reward systems of those criminal systems. No bombs can do that - only people.

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