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Honest work (14/09/17 19:23:49)
    Thank you, GS, for waking me from my slumbers.

    I saw Donald Trump on TV today. He was visiting Florida to show himself to the people who had been hit by the hurricane Irma. Nothing of the erratic clown here. He gave acknowledgement and praise to the rescue workers. And it strikes me: These days there are far too many people in the highest position who do not acknowledge the value of honest work and praise it as much as it deserves. And not only at the top. Routine work is looked down upon. Developing routines - the daily bread - takes resources from the posh research and is thus discouraged or sabotaged. Youngsters are discouraged to go for practical work; theory is much more fashionable.

    With increasing sophistication of computer hardware and software we can see that a number of jobs will disappear. Banking has already disappeared in my country. Accounting can be done by subscribing to a cloud service. Self-driving cars are no more science fiction. Airliner piloting is now a brief education because the planes are self-driving. No need any more to fly by the seat of one's pants. I have noticed that landings nowadays are far softer than they used to be when landings were manual. A whisky distillery can make it with one single employee (in the control room).

    So what are people going to do? How can we as a society give the young a meaningful life where they can do useful work and earn a decent living? How are we going to cope with illiterate immigrants with criminal attitudes and practices towards little girls? How can we facilitate a transformation of those theologies that preach God as a sponsor of murder and molestation?

    Fruitful thinking can only be done by people who do not fear that discussions will limit their careers.

    There is plenty to discuss.

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Honest work