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Street lights (10/10/16 18:01:19)
    I have just come home from a visit to .de by car through Denmark. Hours and hours on motorways - in .de the A7, in .dk the E45 (mainly). The last stretches both ways were dark and rainy, so rather strenuous on old eyes - in .de because of all the street repairs, and in .dk because of the rather worn and poorly visible road markings.

    Our ferry landed at 2:30 AM, and then the E18 homewards.

    Nothing like home. Not because of the quality of anything, but because the entire stretch between Larvik and Oslo is lit. There is light on it in its entirety. Some stretches are even floodlit.

    So in these carbon dioxide accumulation times: It would be a worthy goal to make renewable and sustainable energy so plentiful that there is enough for all purposes - even motorway lights.

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