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Re: Re: Re: Sustainable energy (10/07/18 23:09:44)
    gravity powers the sun, hence solar fusion is gravity power

    yes, to be technical it is the interactions gravity with the strong and weak nuclear forces that release the energy of fusion in overcoming the strong and weak nuclear forces, but for all intents and purposes we can simplify to: gravity power

    of course potential energy in mass is also gravity power, like you say.

    And, importantly, gravity powered fusion 8 millions miles away is, for the next few hundred million years, free to use, absorb, capture, transmute etc.

    so naturally it's "profitable" because one must pass a break even cost point when the fuel is free, no matter how much the cost to transmute energy to work. this also negates any false arguments against implementation due to "low efficiency" - when the fuel is free efficiency is not a true factor in total cost. yes it may take more panels and batteries than in an "ideal" solution, but 1% or 30% or 99% efficient makes no difference in cost of power if the fuel is free.

    coal and oil other carbohydrates are also stored gravity energy, but there is a cost to extract it from it's naturally occurring locations to a place where it can do useful work. that does not exist with sunlight. the sunlight comes to most every local and is available most of the time.

    a hybrid of solar, hydro and hydrocarbon processing and production should work well. for example, one can process seawater to produce avation fuel which combusts to carbon oxides and water which plants process back into water and oxygen and make hydrocarbons.

    strategic solar farm placement can power all human activity in a very small foot print:



    that could be realized relatively quickly, say 20 years if everyone cooperated. And already calculated to be mostly out of areas of habitation so size impact is largely negated.

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